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{ Maelove Sunscreen | Hat | Atelier 2.2 Swimsuit, similar here | Sunglasses }

I love a good sun kissed beach day where I leave the beach looking slightly golden without a sunburn.  I have always been one of those girls that has never left the house without sunscreen in my bag and as I have gotten older, it has become that much more important to me in my daily routine.  I remember being in college and all of my friends thought I was a total grandma because I wore SPF that I constantly re-applied, big sun hats and sunnies, and wanted to sit under an umbrella at the beach.  Now at 32, nothing has changed and I am still that same beach girl with all of my essentials.

Last week I had the most fun beach day celebrating the Fourth with friends and I busted out my new sunscreen, Maelove.  Not only is the packaging super chic, but it is 100% mineral sunscreen with SPF 30, free of chemicals and it goes on smoothly and isn’t sticky.  It is also great for sensitive skin which is exactly what I need.  I even dusted on makeup later in the day over the sunscreen and it went on perfectly without any issues.

I also have to say that this drew quite the crowd when I took it out of my bag.  My friends all wanted to know what I was using because the black and white look is not the norm for sunscreen brands and I explained that it was a high quality sunscreen that I recently became obsessed with.  Not going to lie, I let everyone try some and now I need to get more myself!

Speaking of sun and sunscreen, I am off to go on a bike ride with friends and then have a BBQ later.  Have a great weekend. x

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