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Springtime in Paris is one of the most beautiful times of year to visit. Everything is in bloom, there is still a crisp chill in the air, and the newness of a season creates this beautiful vibe around the city.

Bryce and I spent a week in Paris in April with his parents and we had the most incredible time. Our typical itinerary every day was getting up around 8am, and walking in our workout gear to get a cafe creme and croissant or egg dish from a cute cafe down the street from the apartment. Then we would shower and get ready for lunch. After lunch, we would do something cultural and usually that involved a museum exhibit, or walking around an iconic place in town. My favorite stop was the YSL museum where I learned so much about Yve’s life with Pierre and how the brand became what it is today. It was fascinating. I also loved the Foundation Louis Vuitton and the Baccarat museum. We decided on this trip that we would not do the typical Parisian tourist stops since we had both already been to most of them. After an activity, we would go back to the apartment and take a nap and rest until dinner. We didn’t really experience bad jet lag which was nice, but by 5pm I was in serious need of a nap before dinner.

Bryce’s mom Jody would make the best hors d’oeuvre’s before we would go to dinner and they were such a treat that I looked forward to every night. I can’t remember all of the dinner spots we went to but they were all incredible and wide ranging. One spot had amazing fried chicken, another had the best chicken with morels. I remember the best dessert of the trip was by far this dish that involved kumquats and was similar to a creme brulee. It was fantastic.

I also never hold back on bread and butter at home, but in Paris, I indulge even more. I literally could live off of bread and butter and I love how you walk so much in Paris and there is no guilt. I think I actually came back a few pounds lighter (which I have since put back on of course)!

All in all the trip was truly an amazing one and so memorable. We had the best time and I already can’t wait to go back.

A few of my favorite snapshots are below.
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