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{ Red Maxi Dress | Straw Bag | Sandals }

This entire week I have been thinking about the tragic and too soon death of Kate Spade.  It really made me think about how you really don’t ever know what someone is going through, or what they struggle with on a daily basis in their life.  As a lifestyle blogger, I promote the highlights in my life and all of my happiest moments, but I rarely talk about the negatives, struggles, and otherwise rough days I have.  The truth is, we are all human doing this thing called life and doing the best we can each and every day.  I, just like everyone, have days where I am super stressed with work, or bummed out over things not going the way I want them to.

Just last week, I was feeling super overwhelmed with too many things going on and a major lack of sleep.  I wanted to cry and felt extremely depressed over everything in my life.  I juggle two full time jobs, a boyfriend that lives in another city (I live on the 405 freeway), trying to keep up with friends and family (and see them), and somehow exercise once in awhile as well.  I was sitting on my sofa staring blankly at the ceiling for what felt like hours and thought to myself, even though I am feeling like this right now, I need to remember that I am so blessed to have a wonderful life surrounded by amazing people and focus on all of the good things rather than the bad.  I didn’t immediately feel better, but the next day I woke up feeling a sense of relaxation come over me and felt like I could handle anything life threw at me.

That being said, I really want to be real and transparent with you in all of my posts and discussions, because after all, we all have good days and bad.   So if you are happy or sad, please share with me because I would love to be a source of encouragement to you and help you through whatever it is you are going through.  Life is so precious and too short already, so please enjoy each and every day and know that you are not alone with the ups and downs. We are all in this together.

One of the ways I always lift my sprits when I am having a down day is with a brightly colored outfit (this might sound silly but it is true), like this red maxi dress.  Color always has a way of making me feel good.  I love the fit of this one and the see through detailing at the bottom.  Maxi dresses are such a great summer staple along with straw bags and this one is under $100.  I use it as a casual purse or beach bag and it holds a surprisingly large amount of things.  Also these blush colored sandals are the perfect barely there staple for summer wear as well. I wear mine so often that I might have to get another pair before the summer is over.

{ Photos : Tyler Chase }

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