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{ Black Halo Dress | Alexander Wang Heels, old but new version here | Kaplan MD Perfect Pout in Roxbury }

A few months ago, I was introduced to Kaplan MD’s perfect pout lipsticks.  They are ultra hydrating for the lips, and come in a super chic silver casing.  My favorite is the Roxbury, which is a clear plumping lipstick that goes on smooth and looks perfect if you want a subtle sheen.  I have always been a fan of colorless lipsticks and balms because I love a natural look.  Once in awhile I will wear a subtle color, but for the most part you will find me wearing something clear.  I love that this protects the lips against the environment and I have been using mine daily since discovering it.

By the way, I thought Friday would never get here!  Today I have several meetings in Laguna Beach, and then Nate and I are heading to dinner somewhere new and fun in Laguna as well.  Tomorrow we are taking a yoga class from my friend Jenn that just got her yoga certification, so wish me luck. I haven’t done yoga in a very long time.  Tomorrow night we are heading to our usual spot, A Restaurant, which is a local spot in Newport Beach that we tend to always go to (creatures of habit).  And Sunday is my girlfriend Alatheia’s daughter Elle’s 1st Birthday! I got her the cutest little bohemian dress from Barney’s and can’t wait to give it to her.

Have a great weekend.


{ Photos : KaitKat}

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