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nordstrom anniversary sale part 2

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Ok guys, I had to do it… The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is just too good this year and I had to do another round up of more items I am drooling over.  Seriously, how do they do it every single year?  It really amazes me and then it becomes a problem because I want every single thing.  From shoes, to bags, to cosmetics, and clothes, they really have every base covered.  Also I am obviously into the idea of saving tons of cash on new fall merchandise, because then I can just buy more things!  I’ve never been good at math, yet miraculously I am able to figure out just how much I am saving to make it seem like it makes sense to buy all the more items.  I just might be a math genius by the end of this sale, because I am pretty sure my closet is stuffed with more than a couple of pretty fab pieces.


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