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Lately I have been extremely stressed out over every single thing in life.  Nothing is wrong, but every now and again life just happens and it is chaotic and crazy and I begin feeling anxious.  I feel like this happens a few times a year to me and it has been happening to me recently again.  I always feel it coming on because it is typically when I have too many things going on and I am that person that can never seem to say no to anyone.  That being said, I know I have mentioned this the past few weeks but I am moving back to Newport Beach and our office is moving as well this week!  On top of that I am crazy busy with both of my jobs (interior design and blog) and have literally been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  On top of that trying to stay sane, pack, and keep my head afloat, it has not been the easiest.

I wanted to share with you my tips and tricks for how to handle stress that I have learned through my recent struggles with this.

  1. Things are never as bad as they seem. This is probably the most important thing to remember because I am a total exaggerator and when something gets into my head it practically explodes.  So now when I have this feeling, I try to stop for a moment and make sure that I understand that life will go on and I need to just go with it and take it one step at a time.
  2. Problem Solve. Stress is inevitable in life, especially as we get older and have more responsibility. Now when I begin feeling the signs of stress I try and think of the ways to resolve whatever the issues are that are causing my stress. By nipping it in the bud early on, it prevents stressing out more
  3. Meditate. This might sound silly but stepping back from your day and sitting in a quiet space alone while clearing your thoughts is really powerful. I try and do this every day regardless of being stressed or not and it is really helpful in my daily life.
  4. Keep Calm. When stressing out it is natural to freak out or take it out on someone else, but in reality that is just masking the underlying issue.  The more calm I try and keep myself, the more clearly I am able to think and figure out how to de-stress myself from an issue.
  5. Communicate. I am pretty certain that my worst trait is communication. I bottle everything up (typical libra) when in reality if I am feeling overwhelmed I should just share that rather than try and be a miracle worker and take on everything. In the end it would be much better for everyone involved and prevent so much unnecessary  stress.

So there you have it… My best tips and tricks for how to handle stress.  This is a total work in progress for me and even as I am typing this I am feeling the stress of my week on my shoulders.  But the good news is, I will survive, just like you will and by using the above coping tricks it will really alleviate so much stress from your life, I promise.


{ Photos : Tyler Chase }

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