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{ Cheerios }

My morning routine typically consists of the same few simple things.  I generally work out right when I wake up, then come home and have a coffee or latte and breakfast to get my day started off right.  When Nathan and I are together on the weekends, we love to have breakfast together in the morning.  It is one of the few times that we have a lull in the day to just chat and hang out with each other before the day completely gets away from us.  One of our favorite breakfasts is the most simple of ones.  It involves Cheerios, lattes, orange juice, a newspaper, and great conversation. I mean, what else could one possibly need?  As long as we have these essentials, life is good.  Sometimes Nathan likes to steal my Cheerios though and I am pretty sure I caught him red handed in one of the photos below.  I mean, I am more than willing to share, but sometimes a girl needs her own bowl to herself especially if they are the honey nut flavor ones. I could literally eat them plain as a snack.  They are soooo good.

Cheerios is currently running a promotion with Walmart where you can buy a box and give a box.  I love this whole concept and I think it is pretty obvious that I would share a box with Nathan, since he clearly loves his cereal!  Who would you share a box with?

“Find your code inside specially marked packages in stores and enter it on to send a coupon for a free box of Cheerios to someone that matters.”

{ Photos : Ed Pulella }

Thank you Cheerios for sponsoring this post.

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