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My closet is on the smaller side and because of that I realized that I need to make sure it stays organized otherwise it is a disaster zone. That being said, it makes it that much easier to get messy so I have come up with a seven tips and tricks on how to keep your closet organized and I hope they help you too!
1. Use space saving hangers
These work so well for any closet but especially if you are working with a small space. Not only do they look good, but they also maximize how much clothing can fit on each rod. I love the white ones because they look so light and fresh.

2. Color Coordinate
This is probably one of the most helpful tips for me because when you have a small closet it is hard to find things if they aren’t separated and by color coordinating, it makes it so easy for me to find a white shirt or black skirt, etc.

3. Organize by Item
I organize by item- all shirts together, shorts, skirts, pants, jackets, dresses. This makes it super easy to know where everything is and I can find anything I need in just a few seconds without having to search through everything.

4. Fold Sweaters and Denim
I never hang sweaters or denim. Sweaters get stretched out from hangers and denim is much easier to keep organized when folded and stacked into neat piles.

5. Keep shoes in a shoe cubby or shelving unit
I typically keep the shoes I wear more often in eyesight and the ones that I wear for special occasions, or just less often toward the back. I also switch this seasonally because boots are obviously not worn during the summer and sandals not in the winter.

6. Keep Handbags in the Dust bags
I always keep my handbags in the dust bags when I am not using them to keep them safe and from getting dusty. I have them organized on a couple of shelves and when I need one, I know exactly where they are and they are protected in their dust bag.

7. Don’t be a Hoarder
I have a rule that if I haven’t worn something in a season (3 months), I get rid of it. That way it makes room for new items and also keeps things orderly. There is no reason to keep something that you don’t wear. I like to sell my items at a consignment shop or donate them to the Salvation Army.
*All closet images via Goop
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