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{ Aritzia Dress | Chanel Flats, similar look for less here | Barton Perreira Sunglasses | Celine Trio Crossbody | Monica Vinader Diamond Bangle, on sale currently }

I recently did a major closet purge and got rid of everything! If I had not worn something in a few months it was no longer going to be in my closet. It was really scary to do at first, but once I got started, it felt amazing! I sold a ton of items, gave some to my sister, and donated the rest. Now I am left with a closet filled only with items I absolutely love and wear all of the time.

A few weeks after my purge I began realizing I needed to add a few items back in that I was missing. Since we are in the middle of summer, dresses are a major part of my life/something I wear almost daily. They are easy, comfortable, lightweight, and great for packing on trips.
However I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on items that I will most likely only be wearing this season.

How to find cute dresses that wont break the bank you ask?
Enter my newest discovery/obsession…

I fell in love with a new brand/site that I have become quickly obsessed with. They have cute and stylish clothing, it is inexpensive, and the quality is great. I ordered this dress and a cute skirt and I have been wearing both non-stop. My dress is actually on sale currently too so if you like it, snag it fast. It also comes in blue.

Happy Wednesday and happy shopping!

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