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As most of you already know, Bryce and I recently got married in Maui! It was absolutely perfect and magical in every way and I married my soulmate that I can’t wait to share the rest of my life with. I am so excited to share all about our wedding with you very soon once we get all of our photos back from our photographer. Until then, I will be sharing about our amazing honeymoon that we went on right after.

We arrived to the Four Seasons Bora Bora which was incredibly magical in itself. We flew into Papeete and then took a small plane to Bora Bora where the resort picked us up by boat and took us to the resort. We were immediately taken to our overwater bungalow and were absolutely blown away by how beautiful our room was. We not only had a gorgeous room, but our very own plunge pool on our balcony as well. The resort even gave us a nice bottle of white wine and a few treats as a welcome gift. We got settled in and decided to explore the resort a bit. We ended up having an early dinner at The Sunset Bar which is a great place on property for asian food and yummy cocktails.
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Today we experienced our first breakfast. It was absolutely amazing. It is served buffet style at Tere Nui, and it does not disappoint. We were obsessed with the fresh juices, array of pastries, and whatever the chef special of the day was. We also went to the pool and beach for the afternoon. I am usually not the type of person that just jumps into the ocean for many reasons, mainly the cold water and potentially dangerous water creatures. However, Bora Bora is the exception. The water is so warm and clear and they do not have any dangerous water creatures. It is basically my version of heaven in a vacation. At night we took the resorts boat over to Lagoon by Jean Georges at The St. Regis and had an amazing dinner. The restaurant has glass floors to see the animals in the ocean swimming under you while you eat!
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We decided to do an excursion and booked an all day swimming with the sharks and sting rays tour. I was actually really proud of myself because I conquered my fear and got into the water with them and really enjoyed myself. We went to three different locations and all of them were incredible. We snorkeled around and saw so many fish, sharks, sting rays, and coral reefs. Our guide made us an authentic Polynesian lunch which was delicious and we ate it on a picnic bench in the water with fish swimming all around us. We were pretty exhausted after being gone for 6 hours but managed to rally and head to sunset cocktails at The Sunset Bar. We tried out Arii Moana at our resort for dinner afterward and it was an amazing meal. We shared a lobster risotto that was unforgettable.
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We decided to relax by the pool and beach all day. We reserved a cabana by the pool and played games, drank rose, and had the best day with each other. Our favorite game of the trip was a card game called “golf.” If you haven’t played it before you must. It is addictive and so much fun. We also had lunch at Fare Hoa Beach Bar and Grill almost every day for lunch. It is such a great spot to walk over to from the pool, and the best part is we could bring our wine from lunch back to the pool with us!
We went back to our room to hang out in our plunge pool and get ready for dinner at Bloody Mary’s on the mainland. If you haven’t heard of this spot, it is a must go to when visiting Bora Bora. It has been around since the 70’s and is really well known in the area. The floors are covered in sand (wear flip flops) and you order your fish that was freshly caught that day and on ice in front of you before you sit down at your table. It is definitely a casual spot but must go to at least once.
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We decided to get massages and check out the spa. Since the resort is spread out we also decided to walk the entire property and explore as well. We discovered that there are so many things to do! They have tennis and volleyball courts and the cutest gift shop. We swore we would play tennis at least one day and never made it happen. There is also a really cute chapel that is the perfect spot for intimate nuptials in the most romantic place.
The spa is absolutely incredible. We had a couples massage and they use a pareo to stretch your muscles during the massage. They gave us the pareo as a gift afterward as well which was such a nice memento to have. We ended up at the pool afterward for a late lunch and rotated from pool to beach all afternoon.
Later on we went to the Italian dinner spot on property called Trattoria which is at the same location as breakfast (Tere Nui) but they change the menu to Italian food. We had a great time and you can never go wrong with pizza and wine.
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We are definitely professional loungers by this point and I’m not mad about it. We have a pretty good routine going that goes something like : breakfast, pool, lunch, beach, pool, dinner, rinse and repeat. Today we really soaked up every last ray of sun and sip of wine. It is our last full day in paradise and we never want to leave. We stayed by the pool as long as possible until we had to get ready for dinner. As a sidenote, I didn’t realize how strong the sun is here. I have the best tan I think I will ever have in my life (same with Bryce) and I only got burned once this week, thank you sunscreen!
Every Friday night the resort has a Polynesian show and dinner. They have flower crown making, local performers, and authentic cuisine. It was a really fun thing to experience and we had a great time.
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We knew this day would arrive but what we didn’t know is how fast time would fly on our honeymoon. We have a later flight tonight so we have most of the day to enjoy which is nice. We started off with our insanely delicious and massive breakfast as per usual and they gave us the sweetest farewell treat as a send off. We then went straight to the pool to lounge for the better part of the day. We had a nice lunch and then went back to the room to pack and relax for one last time in our private plunge pool. We reflected on the last few days and how beautiful and memorable our honeymoon would always be to us. This is truly the trip of a lifetime that Bryce and I will always cherish. We even mentioned that maybe we would make a plan for our 10 year anniversary to come back to this magical little slice of paradise.

Here are a few other photos from our trip that we loved.
Until next time Bora Bora…

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A huge thank you to The Four Seasons, Bora Bora for making our stay so incredible. The entire trip was a dream and we already cannot wait to go back.
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