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The other night we had a crazy rainstorm and I had a major craving for chili.  My girlfriend sent me this recipe, which I then immediately made, and let me tell you, I ate this homemade healthy turkey chili 4 days straight.  It is the ideal comfort food and I will definitely be making this a lot this winter.  I actually had so much leftover (since it’s just me) that I froze half of it.  Basically I will be eating chili for the rest of the month.  Can we also discuss how people take good food photos?  I was trying my best but the steam from the pot kept cramping my style and then there were so many shadows from the lighting in my kitchen!  I seriously need a tutorial on how to take good photos, but I tried my best!  Hopefully you can still see how amazing this chili is. I am just slightly obsessed.

Oh and hello from Aspen!  I arrived yesterday and it is a snowy wonderland.  We have quite the itinerary for the weekend, starting with a little skiing today and a fun welcome party tonight!  Tomorrow I plan on shopping in town and getting a massage at the hotel.  Saturday evening is the big 50th birthday dinner and I am so excited for a yummy feast with some of my favorite people.  Sunday is a little end of the weekend party lunch before departing that night.  It is certainly going to be a full weekend and I can’t wait!


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