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Happy Tuesday!  Today I am opening up about my apartment, living in Beverly Hills, and my design tips and tricks.  The Art of Being Female Girls interviewed me about all of the above and my Q. and A. with them is below.

PS check out their site if you haven’t already because it is kind of amazing. xx

1. What’s your high/low of living in Beverly Hills?
High: I absolutely love being able to walk everywhere, plus there are amazing restaurant options within walking distance and there is always something fun going on
Low: The traffic is terrible so that would definitely be my low of living here, but I rarely drive more than a few miles a day
2. Where are your favorite local places to get drinks, shop, + have breakfast lunch and dinner? Ohhh I love getting drinks at Wally’s, the rooftop at the Peninsula or Waldorf Astoria.  Beverly Hills Hotel has a great brunch or dinner, and for something more low key I love lunching at La Scala (the chop salad is a must).  I also love South Beverly Grill, sitting at the bar is something I love doing if I am dining solo or grabbing a quick nibble with a friend.
3. How long have you been in interior design?  I have been doing interior design for about 8 years now and love it more each day.

4. If you could describe your interior design style with one or two words what would they be? Timeless and minimal
5. What are the best pieces to invest in and which pieces can you afford to be more budget conscious?  Invest in a great sofa, occasional chairs, bed frame and mattress, and good lighting.  You can be more budget conscious with rugs, accessories, and smaller case goods.
6. What are your favorite investment pieces and which steals are you obsessed with? I love a cozy sofa (Restoration Hardware makes a few great options) and a great dining table is key because if you entertain this will be a space you use often.  I think the living room area is a nice place to invest in (in general).  A nice sofa, coffee table, set of occasional chairs etc, go a long way and this is a main area people see in your home.  Steals I am obsessed with are using photography in place of fine art.  I love a great piece of photography in a nice frame.  It looks nice and if you don’t have the budget for expensive art, this is a great way to make your walls come to life without breaking the bank.

7. In addition to your interior design work, you also have a successful fashion blog, Modern Ensemble. How do you find time for both and what benefits do you have living in Bev Hills and blogging?  I have to be really great about organizing my time.  Typically I shoot blog photos one morning a week and then work during the day doing interior design and at night I focus all of my time on the blog.  Living in Beverly Hills is really beneficial because almost all bloggers live in LA and most of the meetings and events I have are around the corner from me which makes attending them that much easier. It is so easy to find great spots to shoot because they are literally tucked in every corner.
8. Where you live, there are many vignettes right outside your door for blog photos… how cool is that? How long does it normally take for you to shoot? I know! I am so lucky to have everything at my finger tips.  It usually takes me an hour to shoot three looks. My photographer and I are super organized so it goes by quickly.
9. Your apartment is so cute, how did you find it? I found it on zillow if you can believe it.  It was a stroke of luck and I couldn’t be happier with my little hidden gem that I call home.

 10. Whats your favorite room?  I love the living room because it is flooded with light and so pretty during the day
11. We love your planter… think of it often lol- where did you find it? I love it too!  I got it at Rolling Greens and it is one of those pieces I will never get rid of.
12. Your aesthetic is very clean and minimal, how do you keep the clutter away and organized? I keep everything clutter free and organized by throwing out or donating things monthly.  I have a rule for myself and if I cant find a use for something after having it for three months, I donate it or give it to a friend.

13. What are some of the most important rules to remember when designing your home? Less is more and always measure before buying something.
14. Do you entertain and have people over to this place or does this space represent solitude?  This space represents solitude.  I love entertaining but since I live in a one bedroom apartment, I don’t really have a plethora of space to have people over.  My boyfriend and I will make dinner and enjoy the space together, but when meeting with friends we typically go out.
15. I love how each Place you live marks an era of time in your life. This home has been home to many good things in your life… want to share some of the highlights since you’ve lived here?  Yes I could not have said this better myself.  This place marks a very special era in my life.  It is one where I really found myself and became whole.  I have grown my blog in this space, spent many special days/nights with my boyfriend here, and made so many wonderful new friends.  I love being able to live in different areas and grow as a person while enjoying a new space to call home.

16. What are your favorite accessories for the home? Favorite candle brands/ blankets/ pillows/ artwork/   I love Diptyque candles, Parachute, and Nest,  My favorite blankets are a classic Hermes throw or a cozy throw from Restoration Hardware.  Pillow wise, I tend to like custom so you can choose your own fill, fabric, and size, but if I had to pick something from a store, Room & Board has a nice selection.  Artwork wise, I love photography in a nice frame as an inexpensive form of art.
17. What are your favorite coffee table books for display on a shelf or table…  The Big Book of Chic is always a nice choice for a coffee table book. I also love Domestic Art, Kate Moss by Mario Testino, and Room with a View.
18. Do you make your bed every morning? Absolutely.
19. Do you prefer art or photographs in a home? If I had a budget for fine art that would be my choice, but as I stated above, a great alternative to fine art is a chic piece of photography in a frame.

{ Photos : Meilani Cottrell }

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