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{ Bliss Intake }

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine’s husband introduced me to the un-diet eating plan called Bliss Intake.  I have a very chaotic life these days where I work crazy hours, eat out a lot, and have minimal time to workout.  Does anyone else feel like this sounds familiar or have this kind of schedule? He explained to me that this was a super simple guide to pairing the proper foods together and essentially anyone can do it, plus it is ok to have a cheat meal here and there. I honestly loved the idea of learning more about healthy eating and feeling better after each and every meal.  It has been on my list of to do’s for quite some time.

Basically the general idea is that you want to eat organic real whole foods and grass fed when possible.  Avoid gluten, processed foods, and synthetic sugar.  You want to eat good fats, quality protein, you can still eat out and enjoy yourself, and one of my favorites, wine and cheese is a great combo to eat!  Those two little items may be my favorite foods so obviously this “un-diet” was a no brainer for me.  The program is only a few short pages and details out everything to avoid, and food combinations to enjoy together.  It discusses snacks to have on hand, especially if you are traveling, because let’s face it, that is probably a time we all eat badly.  I know I definitely do.  Hello fast food… and then feel absolutely terrible afterward.

The program even touches on exercise and what to do to increase fat loss and give you energy.  I am not going to lie, at first it was hard for me to get into because I tend to get set in my ways with eating.  However, after a few days, things started to get easier and I felt more energetic and better on an everyday basis.  The best part about this is that I didn’t feel like I was giving anything up.  I am still eating everything I want to but just tweaking the items a bit.  I took a few photos of things I have been eating over the course of the past couple of weeks and they include lots of eggs, veggies, green juices, avocado, grass fed beef, fruit, and spicy tuna with avocado (I avoided the rice underneath for the most part and had the sauce on the side).  I probably shouldn’t have been eating tomato because they are considered an inflammatory food, but I couldn’t help myself once in awhile.

I have to say this is by far the best eating plan I have tried.  It really is so beneficial to eat healthier and it is so crazy how much better I feel.  I have also been exercising at least 3 days a week as well and the combination has been great.  I honestly feel so fired up for the summer to get here and just wanted to share my latest and greatest discovery with you.   Also another bonus is the program is under $30 and if you are anything like me, I printed it out and highlighted everything to make sure I didn’t miss a beat.  I also may or may not carry it with me everywhere in my purse, but that is another story.  If you end up trying the program out, I would love to hear your thoughts on how you feel afterward as well!

And by the way, happy Friday!  I am so busy this weekend, it is crazy, but then again I feel like I continuously say that!  I feel like every week gets busier and busier somehow.  I am getting my hair done tomorrow morning, then have a bridal shower in the afternoon.  Also one of my best gal pals is in town from NYC and we are doing a Soul Cycle class Sunday, and then it is Mother’s Day and my sister’s birthday Sunday evening!  I am going to be one busy bee.  Have a wonderful weekend. xo

Healthy Eating Healthy Eating Healthy Eating Healthy Eating Healthy Eating Healthy Eating

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