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{ Jumpsuit | Botkier Fringe Sandals | Baublebar Earrings | Barton Perreira Sunglasses | Chanel Handbag, similar look for less }

Who else loves an easy summer outfit?  As someone who literally lives out of their car back and forth from LA and OC, I am in constant search for the easiest throw it on and go pieces where I look like I tried and am put together when in reality I am anything but that.

Things I look for when on the hunt for these items are dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, and essentially anything that is a one piece outfit.  This jumpsuit caught my eye because even though I have lots of other jumpsuits in my closet, this one has some fun and interesting details.  I love the ruffled neck area and the ruched waist.  I also love the cropped length which makes wearing flats a breeze when on the go.  I immediately thought of all of my mom friends when I put this on because they are always running from place to place with their kids and this is a nice alternative to the everyday workout wear from ALO or Lulumemon.

I have also been a fan of statement earrings day or night these days.  It literally takes two seconds to put them on and it immediately pulls a look together just slightly more.  These ones I am wearing have been on heavy rotation and they match everything which is so nice!

I have also been wearing these flats non-stop and even at night.  I am not sure if I am just getting lazy but it is really nice to wear flats out at night rather than heels.  Am I right ladies?  Literally I think every single night this week I have worn flats out to my dinners.  Don’t get me wrong, they will never replace heels but it is a nice break for my feet every now and again.

What are some of your favorite easy summer outfits?


{ Photos : Kendall Halliburton }

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