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Cleobella Straw Tote || Cleobella Dress, also sold in white here and here || Earrings || Saint Laurent Sandals || Celine Sunglasses

Even though we are in the thick of the coronavirus pandemic, I have been trying to think of brighter times ahead. Spring is basically here and that means lots of fun dresses, sandals, straw totes, and hopefully warm weather trips in the future.

I have been slowly editing my wardrobe and putting sweaters and jackets away to make room for light dresses, shorts, skirts, and everything in between. one think I am loving is flirty dresses like this pink one. I love the layered look, puffed sleeve, and button detailing on the back. This straw tote is also the perfect summer tote to wear running errands, at the beach, or as a carryon on an airplane to a tropical vacay.

Now if we could just get some sunshine, get rid of the coronavirus, and get off of this quarantine, all will be well in the world again!

What are some things you are looking forward to this Spring?

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